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Vision Bank scales for growth, thanks to enterprise-class cybersecurity … and the

Human Touch

Adapting to change | Investing in customer success | Working as a team

There is a relationship between security vendors and the companies they service. You have to work together to constantly adapt to change. Trenders interact with our staff at Vision Bank like coworkers, not like two different companies.”


Chase Renes
System Administrator, Vision Bank

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When I reach out for support, Trend Micro responds the same day, sometimes within minutes. Only big companies get this type of customer appreciation and care. We’re small, so it makes us feel appreciated.”


Chase Renes
System Administrator, Vision Bank

Casey has always been helpful, and by comping the extra licenses, he made it work for us. Trend Micro acts like they are a part of our team. Just the compassion you have in treating a customer is the best thing we’ve ever had.”


Chase Renes
System Administrator, Vision Bank

Fast Facts

Exceeds expectations
Trenders complement Trend Micro’s advanced product performance with unmatched customer service.

Partners actively
Trenders ongoing work with the customer’s internal IT teams enable them to achieve their long-term security goals.

Provides enterprise-class service to companies of all sizes
Trenders give the same level of attention to small businesses as they do to enterprise-sized clients.