Trust Center

Transparency in cybersecurity

Our mission is to make the world safe for exchanging digital information, enabling you to build and maintain a resilient organization. The Trend Micro Trust Center connects you to the latest information on the security, privacy, and compliance details for our market-leading cybersecurity platform, global threat intelligence, and expert services.


Our entire world is connected today, making privacy a global issue. Trend Micro helps organizations prepare for, withstand, and rapidly recover from threats, enabling them to securely operate and evolve through digital transformation. As a cybersecurity leader, we are obsessively focused on ensuring the privacy of our customer’s data across everything we do, focusing on what matters most to our customers: their success.

Security practices

Security is at the core of all we do. It governs our actions as we design new products, interact with our customers and partners, and run our business. As a demonstration of our commitment to security, we are happy to share our internal security practices and also invest in certifications that help our customers understand how our products stand up to the stringent demands of different frameworks.


Trend Micro’s cybersecurity platform is used to protect our customers’ data and businesses around the world. This means we have to closely monitor security and privacy regulations as they are introduced and evolve to address the growing needs of the online world. This includes adherence to rigorous standards introduced by the GDPR, as well as preparation for the many new requirements around both data privacy and data sovereignty in different regions.


Trust goes beyond the protection of data. Trust extends to how a business operates, including the way it operates in the world and acts to make it a better place to live. Trend Micro does business globally, so we give back globally. Whether helping those in need during the global pandemic, building houses in the Philippines or donating funds after an earthquake in Japan, our Global Citizenship programs and employees are focused on doing good in the world.

Products and services

Trend Micro offers products and services that protect your organization’s data, freeing you to do more. With our focus on innovating security to enable digital transformation, we leverage our extensive knowledge of the threat landscape to deliver a cybersecurity platform that can protect you from the cybercriminals who want to profit at your expense. While threat actors continue to evolve their strategies, we work constantly to understand new attack approaches and to develop defenses to protect you.