Achieve end-to-end security

Unlike most traditional cybersecurity solutions, Trend Micro™ Mobile Network Security ­(TMMNS) provides comprehensive protection, information, and communication technologies (IT/CT). With the network and endpoint layers covered, you can face emerging, diverse threats targeting 4G/LTE, NB-IoT, and 5G networks.


Broad security without disruption

Lighten enterprise information and communication (ICT) security admin with CT/IT integration and policy management based on international mobile equipment identity (IMEI) or international mobile subscriber identity (IMSI). One monitor manages security and monitors risk status of each UE.


Accelerated compliance

We build TMMNS for seamless, cost-efficient CT and IT integration, endpoint protection is agentless, requiring – no- firmware integration for cellular UEs. Management modules and network protection offering high performance and low latency for most commercial, open-source virtualization platforms.


Block and log malicious content

Network protection expand_more

Stop suspicious activity

TMMNS Network Protection blocks malicious content and suspicious behaviors to protect cellular UE/IoT devices. It then logs identity information for investigation.

  • Protects app servers on MEC, vulnerable UEs, and C2 servers
  • Prevents network device attacks from compromised UEs
  • Blocks flooding and port scan attacks
  • Delivers application identification, URL filtering, and control at the UEs
Endpoint protection expand_more

Harden your endpoint security

TMMNS Endpoint Protection hardens mobile UE/IoT security, identifies threats, and denies access to unauthorized devices.

The secure Java® applet software deploys on subscriber identity modules physical SIMs, eSIMs, and iSIMs.

Only registered devices can access the network, adding zero-trust security against stolen cards or corporate cards installed on risky devices.

One-stop joint defense expand_more

Joint defense between the endpoint and the network

TMMNS Network Protection and Endpoint Protection together boost security between CT and IT, ensuring a secure mobile data network.

  • No third-party system
  • No mobile network component integrations
  • Easy fast deployment
  • Reduced security management workload
  • Blocks malicious UEs and risky core data network access
  • User-defined policies stops UE’s access 

Protection across multiple industries

Our solutions help system integrators leverage shared band or unlicensed band radio to help build customers’ private mobile networks.

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