EdgeIPS Pro

Intent-based, industrial intelligent IPS array for large-scale operations

High-port-density IPS array for OT core network defense

EdgeIPS Pro™ has a 1U rack mount model 1048 with 48 ports, a 2U rack mount model 2096 with 96 ports for large-scale production, and a DIN rail and server rack mount model 216 (commercial and ruggedized versions) with 8 ports for SMB or mid-scale production. Monitoring and prevention modes provide the best transparent in-line protection and seamless security visibility.

IT-friendly deployment and management

EdgeIPS Pro is a cybersecurity appliance designed for large-scale production lines. Built with feedback from industry leaders, it natively supports operational technology (OT) multi-segmentation. Factories and worksites adopting EdgeIPS Pro enjoy the benefits of centralized management, operational continuity, shop floor protection, and flexible deployment.

Mitigates risk and protects your network

Take advantage of an advanced internal segmentation IPS for implementing network segmentation in a large-scale OT network environment – no changes to the existing network architecture required. EdgeIPS Pro prevents outbreaks, neutralizes intra-zone infection, and reduces cybersecurity risk.

High performance

Assets on production lines need to communicate with no delays. The high-performance design of the EdgeIPS Pro restricts lateral movement and prevents cyberattacks while minimizing latency. EdgeIPS Pro 1048 performs at 10 Gbps, EdgeIPS Pro 2096 at 20 Gbps, and EdgeIPS Pro 216 at 1.8Gbps with threat prevention enabled.

Ensure operational continuity

EdgeIPS Pro comes equipped for operational continuity with Gen 3 hardware bypass and redundant power, ensuring fail-safe performance.

EdgeIPS Pro

Protect vulnerable systems

Signature-based virtual patching is a core technology of the Edge series. It secures vulnerable assets that are past end-of-service (EoS) or otherwise unpatchable, putting them in a “shield bubble” that protects their vulnerabilities from exploitation.

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