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Don’t let inefficient tools and processes hold you back

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Can you uncover your adversary?

Identifying malicious activity and critical incidents is hard work. Piecing together relevant events and information to understand what happened and what has been impacted is time-consuming. False positives waste even more time you don’t have. Reducing dwell times isn’t easy when detection is slow, investigations are cumbersome, and you have limited direct response options.

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Are your tools helping or hindering?

You have security tools and technologies in place, but you still have significant gaps in what you can see and do. Too many security teams invest in a collection of siloed detection solutions only to find they don’t come together to solve their challenges – or worse, they create new ones.

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Have a skills and staffing gap?

You’ve adopted advanced tools but are missing personnel and skill sets, limiting the results your team can deliver. You’re not alone. Many SOC and security teams need the support of added expert resources and managed services to help navigate the complexity of detection and response activities.



Trend Vision One changes the game...


Trend Vision One™ offers comprehensive XDR capabilities so you can improve SOC efficiency and drive business value fast. Equip your security teams with advanced capabilities across attack surface management, detection, investigation, and response.

Propel business objectives with XDR

According to ESG, organizations with Trend Micro XDR:

  • Are 2.2x more likely to detect an attack
  • Save up to 79% in security costs
  • Improve response time by 70%
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Leader in Forrester Wave™

Trend Micro is Named a Leader in The Forrester New Wave™: Extended Detection and Response (XDR), Q4 2021

What customers say
"I like to be ahead of the game, so as a company we think about security early on. Trend Micro fits into that strategy well with their constant innovation."
Thomas Grane,
CIO/CHRO, Director of Technology and Organization

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