Automated, flexible, all-in-one security integrated with AWS

As an AWS Advanced Technology Partner, Trend Micro’s strategic partnership helps organizations address their shared security responsibility in the cloud. Working closely with AWS, Trend delivers multiple benefits:

Automated security on AWS

Trend Cloud One™ provides comprehensive security on AWS for popular services and infrastructure, like Amazon EC2 instances, AWS Lambda, AWS Fargate, containers, AWS Outposts, Amazon S3, and VPC networking. It also provides Cloud Security Posture Management, including compliance and AWS Well Architected Framework based rulesets.

Security that is easy to purchase and deploy

Making purchasing easy, Trend Cloud One is available from the AWS marketplace as a single platform, so that you need to subscribe only once to get access to all services. There are a variety of purchase options, including pay-as-you-go consumption style billing where you only pay for what you use, annual subscriptions purchase, and the Channel Partner Private Offer program that ensures customers can continue to work with their trusted partners.

Security built into the AWS managed services offering

Building on our strategic partnership, Trend was selected as the first security partner included in the AWS Managed Services offering. AWS Managed Services helps accelerate enterprises’ transition to the cloud while unburdening them from the day-to-day management of cloud operations – including key security activities supported by Trend.

Security delivered by experts

Working closely with global AWS field teams, our security experts are available to guide organizations as they deploy in the AWS cloud. This expertise extends to our cloud partners, who offer our solutions as part of their cloud offerings built on AWS.


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